My inspiration ready at hand

When you are bored with constant renderings and your imagination fails you should come to rest and look around. Have you ever thought about the most often seen object in your everyday life? It is your hand. You use your hands all day long – during eating, reading, manual working, typing on computer, cuddling baby… you are visually coordinating these movements and observing your hands almost continuously even if you probably don’t realise it. You know perfectly their shapes and lines and I bet my bottom dollar you would recognise your own hand among dozens.

It must be the reason why a hand has become my “right hand“ for painting. Not only holds it a paintbrush but also it acts as the main motive in my paintings. The purpose of this series called “Hand in hand” is to create compositions of two layers of meaning which don´t fit together at first sight. But when you watch carefully you can find some analogy that forms the whole. For example, have a look at the piece called “At the swimming pool” – the second one in chronology. The first layer of meaning is composed of café with a checked tablecloth. The other layer shows a tiled swimming pool with a springboard. Needless to say, what connects both themes.

When I take a paintbrush to one hand and form the other to a random position or gesture one half of my work is done. Then I turn the paper with the sketch and I look for an imaginative and interesting connection. Sometimes a flesh with the title of a book or drama helps.

And what to do when the positions will be used up? High time to move on…