Meantime – the display invitation

When the exhibition of a large series of paintings is over and nothing yet is in production, a special period comes – the meantime.

It took me a few months to paint the entire cycle of thematically coordinated images. Then I presented them to the world with great fanfare. Several times. Symbols were presented at four large exhibitions. The same for Hands. Some paintings left me to please the purchasers, some of them stayed.  I really enjoyed all the rush but I felt it had been enough for that moment and that paintings. But what to do with them when currently a big painting project (which I don’t want to reveal yet) makes me busy and there is no time to invent, let alone paint, a new series?

The owner of the Ostravian Mlejn Gallery, where I had had the honor to exhibit in October 2015, offered me the answer. This renowned Gallery has a little display in the City hospital of Ostrava – Fifejdy, the Department of puerperium. Colorful and optimistic pictures are demanded. So instead of staying in boxes at home, the paintings got a great occasion to come to light.

From February, thirteen paintings cheer (I hope) upstart mothers, upstart babies and all the visitors of this Department. If you come along, don´t hesitate to have a look. The exhibition runs until the beginning of May.