Ludmila Ondrašíková

I was born in Rýmařov a year before the Velvet Revolution.

I used to draw and paint from childhood. Not only on paper but also on walls and my friends. When I was 8 my parents sent me up to a primary art school where I spent my free time and started to learn different techniques of art. I kept it fine for three years.

In my teens I prefered to study painting from books. Although I finished none of them they were essential when I needed a helping hand. And I´m used to read them up to the present day. 

I sat for the leaving examination and started to study safety engineering at the Technical University of Ostrava. 

I drew from artwork a lot during the first ostravian educational period.

But there was someone who didn´t want to give my art education up and I got the entry for art courses – pencil and aquarelle crayon at Christmas. These courses presented me unrecognized techniques and learned me to be patient. 

Afterwards the oil painting appeared. Vivid and consistent paints. Canvas that makes every single painting professional. 

I was tired of renderings. I was sorry for the beautiful white canvases. They would deserve something special. I aspired after my original paintings. I enviously visited displays of artists but my own creativity stood still. 

And my school duties didn´t help it at all. I was surrounded by norms and standards, Autocad wasn´t familiar with a paintbrush. Exam by exam, bachelor´s degree.

All of a sudden something changed. The drier school theory I learned the more coloured and imaginative productions arose from. I fixated to the hand motive and it helped me to evolve my personal and original style. 

The first display – Rýmařov, NC Café, March 2014. “Hand in hand”.

Another exams. Master of Science.

I was so inspired by the first display so that the imagination could fully develope…

2nd display – Brno, Park Lane cafe, November 2014. “Hand in hand”.

3rd display – Ostrava, 3ART beat Festival, July 2015. “The speech of symbols”.

4th display – Ostrava, Polo Caffé, August – October 2015. “Hand in hand” and “The speech of symbols”.

5th display – Ostrava, Art gallery Mlejn, October 2015. “Hand in hand” and “The speech of symbols”.

6th display – Rýmařov, NC Café, December 2015. “Obscured in symbols”.

7th display – Ostrava, Municipal Hospital Ostrava – Fifejdy, confinement department, February – March 2016. The selection of paintings.

My “student life” transformed into “working life”. The field of safety remained, but its gray was no longer so monotonous. New experience, new contacts…

It brought me the first occasion to illustrate and the project of self-coaching cards started.  I painted 60 topics in 10 months, the motivation was high and I was so excited. The project was successfully finished on Christmas 2016.

8th display – Ostrava, Eschola, December 2016 – February 2017. “Self-coaching cards”.

9th display – Rýmařov, NC Café, December 2016 – January 2017. “In Jeseniky mountains”.

10th display – Ondřejov, February 2017. “Ondřejov landscape”  – collective exhibition of 3 artists. 

11th display – Rýmařov, Gallery u stromu poznání, February – March 2017. “Ondřejov landscape”. 

12th display – Brno, Travellers´ Club, May – June 2017. “Here and There”.

13th display – Brandýs nad Labem, art festival Polabsky Montmartre 2017, June 2017. The selection of paintings, The Cards of Stories, bodypainting.

14 th display – Prague, Travellers´ Club, July 2017. “Here and There”.

And then the first invitation to exhibit abroad came…

15th display – Berlin, October 2017, Kuntscheune. Collective exhibition of 7 artists.

 16th display – Brno, 1. doubravnická restaurant, November 2017. “Out of my soul”.  

17th display – Rýmařov, NC café, December 2017 – January 2018. “Here and there”.

18th display – Ondřejov, February 2018. “On my way”, collective exhibition of 3 artists. 

19th display – Rýmařov, Gallery u stromu poznání, February – March 2018. “On my way”.  

Second chance to exhibit in a european capitol was here:

20th display – Bratislava, Scherz café, April 2018. “casting&painting”, collective exhibition with artistic caster.

21st display – Svitavy, 12th May 2018. Artistic minifestival MYX . Paintings, The Cards of Stories, bodypainting. 

22nd display – Brandýs nad Labem, 2nd June 2018. Artistic festival Polabský Montmartre. Paintings, The Card of Stories, workshop collective finger-painting. 

23th display – Kladno, 9th and 10th June 2018. Paintings, The Cards of Stories, bodypainting.   

24th display – Ostrava, VŠB – Technical university of Ostrava, 6th September 2018. Festival Art&Science. The Card of Stories, workshop collective finger-painting.  

25th display – Lomnice u Rýmařova, primary school, September – November 2018. The Cards of Stories.

26th display – Praha, wine bar Na Šikmé ploše, October – November 2018. “Wandering”.