Ostrava rocks!!! – the display invitation

Ostrava resisted as long as it could. Finally, I was given the opportunity to exhibit twice. I have already invited you to 3ART Beat Festival in Provoz Hlubina. And only a week later, on Saturday, August 8, 2015 my third solo exhibition is going to be held in Polo café on Masaryk square. The opening starts at 7 pm.

 I decided to exhibit my both series of paintings because of the large space in the café. You will have a chance to see Hand in hand again – complemented by new pieces. I can reveal, some censorship must have been done and my objection that the similarity of character with the person of the author was purely coincidental had no meaning. Simultaneously, the new series called The speech of symbols will be presented. Apart from 3ART Beat Festival, this exhibition will be the first chance to see the new paintings. You can look forward to brand new ideas, techniques, vibrant colours and hidden as well as illustrative metaphors.

 As usually, my sales exhibition enable you to take away more than pleasant experience.