Stand-in – the display invitation

We all know the situation when things happen regardless of our plans. You can do your best but nothing goes well. Then something changes and the period, which probably wants to say “don´t give up, I´m just teasing you”, comes. So I´m not giving it up and patiently smiling to the vagaries of fortune because the result is really worth it.

What am I talking about? The new display! And why the introduction? I like how the world works. I almost wore away my shoes when I tried to arrange an Ostravian exhibition but every effort fell flat. Someone disliked my art, someone demanded such high fee that I would suffer from hunger for a half of year at least. Everyone who visited my display at 3ART beat festival and in Polo café knows that the situation had changed. And when I started to prepare myself for the display uninstall I got an offer to let my paintings in the café for next month. I gladly accepted.

Just one week later I got another sudden offer. Some artist cancelled his exhibition in Mlejn Gallery in last minute and stand-in was immediately needed. Immediately meant on Thursday 22. 10. 2015 (in 14 days!!!). Woow my artwork in Mlejn Gallery? Really? I´m rushing for the paintings to Polo café and printing the invitations. Just don´t change your mind!

The window of opportunity has finally opened but I have nothing new to exhibit. In my biography I say that I´m an enthusiastic woman. It means that I bought canvas the day when I received the confirmation from the gallery and started to making up motives of the new paintings – something for those people who had already visited my last display. I have just two free days to paint it. So look forward to Mlejn gallery and wish me luck with the new artworks.