I was entirely convinced that the hand motive is bottomless for a pretty long time. I wasn´t able to imagine any different topics. But all at once, when thinking about a new painting the hand was unnecessary.

 The idea came quietly. I was looking at a blank sketchbook and words like “destiny” or “secret” came to my mind. I was thinking about objects expressing the meaning and about the possible connection. Destiny and Secret were chalked out like a shot. And to my amazement, I recalled some sketches I had drawn some time ago and had never finished. Accompanied by a proper title, they would perfectly fit in the new series now.

 I was wondering whether my intension would be understood so my relatives and friends were questioned without any explanation: “What can you imagine when you hear these words – Passion? Life? Power? Time?” I was surprised to hear so many same answers.

 I started immediately. Paradoxically, the earliest ideas were outdistanced by the spontaneous ones. One idea was followed by another. In addition to that, a chance to be a part of the festival gallery of young artists occurred. The theme of the event – fire/creation/rhythm – corresponds to my own theme exactly and makes me to create specified paintings.

 The circumstances and the pace of my creation promise an oncoming exhibition called The speech of symbols.